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History of the Book of Psalms
Out of all the books of the Bible, Psalms is one of the most well-known. In the book of Psalms you will find poems, songs and prayers written by psalmists. King David was one of the main authors (he wrote 73 psalms); but we also find that Asaph wrote 12 psalms, the sons of Korah wrote 9 psalms, Solomon wrote 2 psalms, Heman with the sons of Korah wrote 1 psalm, Ethan wrote 1 psalm, Moses wrote 1 psalm and the remaining 51 psalms were written by anonymous authors. Interestingly enough, not all of the psalms of the Bible are located in the Book of Psalms.

 The Book of Psalms is divided into 5 sections which is parallel to the divisions of the writings of Moses in the Pentateuch which has 5 sections or books. The 5 sections in Psalms are labeled as books one through five. In the first book of Psalms we find Psalms 1-41. These Psalms are mainly written by David. Compare the theme of these psalms to the book of Genesis' theme and you will be amazed at the similarities. In the second book we find Psalms 42-72. The theme of these psalms can be compared to the book of Exodus. The main authors of Book Two are David and the sons of Korah. In the third book we find Psalms 73-89. This collection of psalms are mainly written by Asaph and Asaph's descendants. These psalms are similar to the book of Leviticus and it's theme. In the fourth book we find Psalms 90-106 which are mainly written by unknown authors and is liken to the book of Numbers in it's theme and in the fifth book we find Psalms 107-150 which are mainly Davidic in authorship and these psalms are comparable to the book of Deuteronomy.

  The shortest Psalm in the Book of Psalms is Psalm 117 and the longest is Psalm 119. One of the most commonly known Psalms is Psalm 23 and some of the more popular Psalms are Psalm 1, Psalm 91, and Psalm 121. All are inspirational; for God inspires everything. He is truly awesome! Click here for a list of what Psalm to read when you need help with specific feelings, what you're facing in life or when you want God to help you in certain areas of your life. The Book of Psalms are wonderful. For your convenience, the navigation bar to the left has Psalms 1, 42, 73, 90 and 107 in bold to remind you that these Psalms begin a new book.

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